Sunday, March 18, 2007

Adding Videos to your blog


Adding a video to your blog

If you want to add a video from YouTube, you copy the code from the "Embed" box which is displayed to the right of the video that you are currently playing.

To add a video from Yahoo Video the code is next to the "add to site" box displayed below the current video you are playing.

To add a video from Google Video click on the blue "Email – Blog – Post to My Space" bar to the right of the video. Then click on the "Embed HTML" link and copy the code.

After that open up your blog layout page and click add new element.

Click on HTML/Javascript

Add a title that will be displayed above the video on your blog and then paste the code you copied from the video in the content box.

Save the changes and you have a video on your blog!

Adding your own video's to your blog

There are many sites out there that let you video blog but most of them cost money. If you want to add a custom video to your blog the easiest way would be to post one on one of the video sites and follow the instructions above.

Some of the sites for video blogging are…



Audio Blogging websites:



Audio Blog - Hipcast


Three methods to record audio:


  1. Record by telephone
    -Users receive a phone number
    -When the user calls this number they can record their blog
    -Whatever they say into the phone is recorded and posted where in an already existing blog
    -This seems like the easiest way to audio-blog, and it's pretty cool cause you can do it from anywhere that you can use your cell-phone
  2. Record through a web browser (you probably need a microphone to do this)
  3. Upload audio files (like songs and other audio you have downloaded on your computer)


    • It does cost money to use Hipcast, the standard package being $9.95
    • Once you have an account, you will be given your own phone number to call.
    • There is a 7-day trial period, but you have to remember to cancel the account before the 7 days are up if you decide not to use it, cause otherwise you are going to get charged (you must put in credit card information to sign up)



Hipcast also makes it possible to do video blogging.


If anyone is interested in either of these two, Hipcast promises that it is very easy to do.

When you create an audio or video file, it is automatically uploaded onto your existing blog (our google blogs).


*Our group did not create an account with Hipcast, because none of us have the money to spend on it. Most video and audio blogging websites require a subscription fee. I'm sure there are some out there that do not, but most likely they are not very reliable. *



From the Hipcast Website:


Already have a blog?

Awesome! You're halfway there! Simply add your weblog(s) to your account, and everything you've recorded or uploaded can be published in a snazzy, customizable player that virtually every web browser and computer user on the planet can view. At, we support most major weblog software and services, including MovableType, Blogware, Typepad, WordPress, Blogger, pMachine, LiveJournal, and many others.



An article that talks about using Hipcast with Google Blogger


Adding pictures to your blog


Posting Pictures on Your Blog

How do I post pictures?

You can now upload photos using Blogger Images — the image icon in the post editor's toolbar lets you upload images to your blog(s):

When you click this icon, you'll get a window that allows you to select an image or multiple images from your computer. Just click the "Browse" button to locate the ones you want. Alternatively, you can enter the URL of an image that is already online and have it inserted into your post.

If you click on the link for choosing a layout, you can customize the way your images will appear in your post:

The left, center and right options will determine how the text of your post flows around the pictures. This size option lets you scale the pictures to different sizes within this posting area. Note that the picture will still be uploaded in its full size; this option just determines how it is scaled within the content of your post.









When you send text or photos from your mobile device to they're automatically posted to your new blog page.

But if you already have a blog and think it would be cool to occasionally send a post from your mobile phone in addition to posting normally. Once you make that switch, both existing and future posts will be sent to the blog of your choosing instead of the blog that was automatically set up for you when you sent that first message to


*There were images on this post, but they won't show up in the email. I sent the whole document along with it, so hopefully Jessie will somehow be able to put them up.*


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