Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Creative Team Proposal #1:


Creative Team Proposal #1:

Finding non-written ways to blog or contribute to the blog project in formats such as audio/video/photo/graphic and any other creative things that can be added to the blogs.

2/28/07 - Get feedback from class on anything they want to know how to do.
3/2/07 - Find websites that allow us to complete tasks/figure out how to create logo for the class and find any other “creative” things that can be added to the blogs
3/5/07 - Evaluate which websites are the best choices
3/7/07 - Make demo of how to use these websites
3/17/07 - Have typed up instructions for class

Leader - Alex
· Graphic
Speaker - Kristin
· Photo
Liaison - Pat
· Video
Writer - Nicole
· Audio
Innovator - Anthony
· Logo and Blog templates

(Each group member is responsible for being knowledgeable in the assigned area by completing each task for that area.)