Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Music Player

To add a music player on to your blog is fairly easy.
The best and easiest one i found was (

Im going to take you on a step by step process for getting tornadostream music player on your blog.
1. when you get onto the website you have to signup for the serivce. It is free of charge all you have to give is your name, email, username, and password thats all you have to give them.
2. Once you sign in you will enter another screen, with tabs on the top. The first tab is , "Create/Edit Stations" You start on that tab. Its going to ask you to create a station. This means to add the kind of music you want played on your blog. They have numerous amounts of songs avaiable. From Pop, to Country, Hip Hop and Rock. It is fairly easy, you can have just one song or many songs whatever is your flavor.
3. When you finish selecting the songs you want on your station and save it, you will have a station avaiable to you. You have the choice of making numerous stations if you want to but for this purpose we'll just make one. When you finish go to tab number 3 which reads "Add Radio to your website or Blog". Once you get to this tab you have the choice of wether you prefer a horiztional player or a vertical player. They give you the java script for both.
4. You copy that script and then open your blog settings. Open the template option of the settings in your blog. Go to add page element and then click on the HTML/JavaScript option. Paste your Javascript code of your music player into the content box and save.

When you view your blog for the next time you will see and hear you music player with the music you selected on your blog. It is that simple. If you have any questions please feel free to email me personally at

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